Our Ministries

    Members of the Board of Stewards are persons of solid piety appointed for service by the Pastor. The purpose of the Board of Stewards is to provide spiritual guidance to members of the church, Leadership/discipleship training to officers and board and auxiliary members, and to serve as advisors to the Pastor in matters of the Church. Ronald B. Davis, Pro Tem Ronald.b1953@bellsouth.net (386) 676-3931
    The mission of the Board of Trustees of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church is to hold in trust all real, personal and mixed property interests and rights of the church, whether general or local in character, or titled in any department, society, agency, auxiliary or board. Donnell Slater, Pro Tem 386-290-4262
    Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) is the connectional Women’s ministry of the AME church. We are called to educate the members of the society so that they will be able to do more effective mission service in the local community, area, conference, district and connection. Teresa R. Johnson, President (386) 846-4918
    The mission of the Young’s People’s and Children’s Division (YPD) of the Glossie M. Beckton Women’s Missionary Society is to develop healthy Christian leaders through service and missions. The YPDers of Allen Chapel will serve with the Women’s Missionary Society engaging in missionary activities and evangelism. Sister Carolyn Gillis, Director delta7crdl@yahoo.com (386) 679-4150
    The purpose of the Lay Organization is to organize and train the Laity (members of the church who are neither ministers, nor officers) of the A.M.E. Church so that each lay person may utilize to the maximum the abilities and skills granted by God, in assisting with the improvement and extension of His kingdom and creating happiness, peace and harmony among its members. Vickie Presley, President (386) 760-2096
    The Sons of Allen is the Connectional Men’s Ministry of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Our Mission is to minister to the spiritual, intellectual, economic, judicial, psychological, social and communal needs of young and adult men at Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church of Daytona Beach.” Rufus Johnson, President uranus_d@yahoo.com (386) 846-5634
    The Usher Ministry strongly believes the Lord Jesus Christ called us to be “doorkeepers” in the house of God. The primary mission of the Usher Boards at Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church is to serve as the “First Representative of Jesus Christ for worship services. We consider it a privilege to serve. Manifesting the fruit of the spirit, we create an atmosphere conducive for worship and to assist all who enter the sanctuary by directing, seating, distributing worship guides and making sure every single soul feels welcome. One Usher Board serves each Sunday for morning Worship as well as any other special services or programs hosted by the church. Usher board #1 – Sis. LeeAnn Harris, President leeannharris1119@gmail.com(716) 239-5802 Usher Board #2 - Sis Evelyn Smith, President (386) 868-8471 - Men’s Usher Board – Bro. Elvin (Tony) Mitchell, Sr., President (386) 255-0784 Youth Usher Board – Sis. Cynthia Beckton, Director (386) 275-8931
    The Class Leaders, under the supervision of the pastor, is to nurture the discipline of other church members through prayer, “To witness to members how the Word of God translates into their lives”, through studying the Word of God, and by visiting the sick, shut-in and bereaved members. Class leaders follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and emulate His teachings through acts of compassion, justice, worship, giving and devotion. Class leaders faithfully serve the members under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Derrick Porter, President uranus_d@yahoo.com (386) 383-7012
    The Stewardess Boards assist the Pastor and Steward Board, as needed, in caring for God's house. Some of the duties include caring for the Altar and Chancel Area, preparing the elements for Holy Communion, Holy Baptism and Love Feasts. The Stewardess Board identifies and welcome other prayerful women who are willing to work, inconspicuously, in God's service. Ethel M. Sanders Stewardess Board Opal Badiebadieo@bellsouth.net Carrie Henderson Stewardess Board Shirley Johnson (386) 253-4953
    The mission of the Sophisticated Seniors Ministry is to increase our love for God and help meet the needs of the world community by loving God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our mind and to "love our neighbor as ourselves," and to promote and maintain our spiritual, physical, mental and social well-being in Christ Jesus. Bro. James Gibbs, President jgibbs16@cfl.rr.com
    The mission of the Women’s Ministry is to enable women to develop a love for God and become a fully functioning follower of Christ. Our goal is spiritual and personal growth of the individual women and empowerment of the community. Evangelyn Davis, Director (386) 676-3931
    The Collegiate Ministry is committed to engage young adults in total ministry. We seek to improve the relationships of young adults with Christ, themselves and each other. We are committed to ministering to their spiritual, physical, emotional, economic, and social needs, and to produce leaders in the Church who are grounded in the Word of God Andra D. Chisholm, Directorandradynese@yahoo.com
    RAYAC is the connectional Young Adult Ministry of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. The mission of the RAYAC is to minister to the intellectual (mind), physical (body), and spiritual (spirit) needs of the A.M.E. Church. The fourfold purpose of the RAYAC includes the following: Discipleship- Bring young adults into a covenant with Jesus Christ, teaching them how to live Christ-centered lives, and serve as Christian mentors to youth. Leadership training- Develop young adults into Christian leaders within the A.M.E. Church and the community at large, to effectively represent and voice the concerns of a new generation.
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    Fellowship- Create and provide opportunities for Christian fellowship among young adults. Networking- Provide resources for young adult ministries within the A.M.E. Church and the communities at large. Provide young adults the opportunity to use God-given gifts and talents for Kingdom building. Caryn “Nikki” Hubbs, Director (386) 304-7284 Charlene Daniels-McDuffie, Directorcydaniels@knights.ucf.edu
    The Music Ministry is an integral part of the Worship Service. The purpose of this ministry is to usher in the presence of God through song. This ministry is designed to enhance the worship experience for everyone involved. The ultimate goal of the music ministry is to set the tone for the worship service. The choir and musicians are charged to minister to the congregation at all services. Anyone is free to join any choir with the exception of the Praise Team. Members of the Praise Team are appointed by the Pastor. There are several facets of the music ministry: • Heritage Choir (ministers the First Sunday of every month) • Purpose Choir (ministers the Second Sunday of every month) • Male Chorus (ministers the Third Sunday of every month) • Children’s Choir (ages 3-12) (ministers the Fourth Sunday of every month) • Musokanji Praise and Worship Team (ministers every Sunday) Heritage Choir- President – Sis. Carla Heflincjh4321@gmail.com (219) 455-1859 Purpose Choir- President – Sis. Ernestine Bethuneepbeth3628@gmail.com (386) 212-6048 Male Chorus- President – Lester Cubyljcuby01@cfl.rr.com Children’s Choir- Interim Director- Ted JohnsTedsribshack@Gmail.com 904) 325-1496 Praise Team- President – Sis. Amber Housingesmondamber@gmail.com (386) 307-3367
    This committee award scholarships to graduating high school seniors planning to further their education. Members of the committee meet monthly and or as needed to plan financially, spiritually, educationally for the growth of the students. In addition members set criteria, evaluate applications and determine eligibility to receive scholarships. Members participate in the school and community by presenting scholarships to individual students during their annual Senior Awards Night. This committee also presents scholarships to students during the church's annual Graduation Recognition in program. Vivian Lee (386) 451-2002
    Heritage Choir- President – Sis. Carla Heflincjh4321@gmail.com (219) 455-1859 Purpose Choir- President – Sis. Ernestine Bethuneepbeth3628@gmail.com (386) 212-6048 Male Chorus- President – Lester Cubyljcuby01@cfl.rr.com Children’s Choir- Interim Director- Ted JohnsTedsribshack@Gmail.com 904) 325-1496 Praise Team- President – Sis. Amber Housingesmondamber@gmail.com (386) 307-3367
    Goal/Mission of our Board/Aux/Ministry-To help our guests feel the love of God by truly welcoming them into God’s house through friendly and authentically gracious service. Oversee the working of all hospitality programs and visitor care ministries, and to coordinate the activities that involve hospitality and care ministries. Members of the Hospitality Ministry must also be alert to the needs of the church membership and ways to serve those needs. Barbara Mitchell, Directorcasasanpablomgr@spm.net (386) 212-8788
    The goal of the Media Ministry is to provide audio and visual complements to the services that are worthy of the Worship of Jesus Christ. The media ministry is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the sound systems for various services and activities at the church as well as the recording of services for members and visitors. Robert Rhoulhac, DirectorRobert.rhoulhac@cfl.rr.com
    Chain Breaking Ministry is an evangelistic arm of Allen Chapel AME Church designed to identify strongholds on the community and devise strategies to eradicate them through, and by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our current and ongoing project is a life skills class being taught at the Volusia County Corrections Facility. In this class an ethics curricula is taught with the premise that most people will do better when they know better. Chain Breaking Ministry is looking to partner with other institutions whose agenda is the well-being of human kind. Dr. Cornelius S. Goldendr.csgolden@icloud.com
    The mission of the security ministry involves creating a Church that can be a safe gathering place for people to come and experience the grace and forgiveness of God without concern of the outer areas. Any male adult member of Allen Chapel AME Church can join this ministry. Thaddeus Collins thaddeus.collins@att.net (386) 747-3806
    Goal: To recognize students in grade K-12 quarterly for quarter for accomplishments in their school and/or community (Recognition will include but is not limited to academics, athletics, volunteer service, citizenship and behavior). Members of this committee meet monthly to organize and verify information received from students, parents, guardians, and or interested parties. Students are recognized the 4th Sunday (November, February, April, and July) during Youth Sunday. Participants also collect data to develop ideas for future recognition. Opal Badie (386) 852-9753
    It is our mission to ensure that every available health care resource and service be provided to the congregation we serve. We further seek to dramatically improve the health and well-being of the congregation and the community we serve. Marjorie Mole, Directormarjoriemole@earthlink.net (386) 506-9871