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Our History

In the early 1900’s, the Black population of Daytona Beach still lived in a very restricted area. The east boundary stopped at the railroad tracks; the west boundary ended at Nova Road (Canal Road); the north boundary ended at Cypress Street (George Engram Boulevard). Moving south from Cypress Street becomes very interesting. From Cypress Street south to Oak Street was known as “Mid-Way.” From Oak Street to Orange Avenue was called “New Town.” A that time, Mt. Zion AME Church, the only AME Church in Daytona Beach, was located on the corner of Marion and South Streets. This section of town was called “Way Cross” (meaning: A Way – Cross or Far Away).

In 1910, the founders of Allen Chapel AME Church who were all members of Mt. Zion AME Church lived mainly in the Mid-Way section of town. One night after service some of the members of Mt. Zion, who live in “Mid-Way” were confronted by a big bear on their trek homeward through the woods. After this incident these members formed a committee to begin a new church. An urgent request to form another AME Church was soon granted by the Presiding Bishop.

Allen Chapel was organized March 8, 1910 under the Pastorate of its first Pastor, the late Rev. J.W. Allen. The members held their first service in an old barn. With diligence, hard work, love and a steadfast faith in God, their efforts did not stop with the barn. They continued their efforts both men and women; supplying their time and talents to build this church. With prayers of thanks and songs of rejoicing, the cornerstone of the original church was laid on November 22, 1914. The officers, members and Reverend Ira Dodson Hinson decided that a youth center was needed. They petitioned the Rt. Reverend John A Gregg for his blessings and the Youth Education Building cornerstone was laid on September 30, 1951.


The Church Founders Include (All Deceased):
Mr. & Mrs. S. Bacon
Mr. & Mrs. S. Grant
Mrs. I. B. Newman
Mrs. & Mrs. Henry Cowart
Mr. T. R. Faircloth, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Daily
Mrs. Easter Hall
Mr. Williams Sampson
Mr. & Mrs. George Gieger
Mr. & Mrs. C. S. King
Mr. & Mrs. H. Wiggins
Mrs. Ida Young
Mrs. Delilar Ziegler



Giving honor first to God for seeing them through, We Pay Tribute to These Brave Men and Women. Some of the first officers and members now deceased were: S.W. Duncan and wife; B. S. and Maggie Faircloth, their daughter, Shermina and son, Theodore Faircloth; George and Marina Geiger; Edgar Robinson; George and Betty Watts, who reared two girls after the death of their parents ~ Mrs. Nixola Bronson Lewis and Mrs. Maudestine Jones; Mr. Alex Watson and wife; Cato and Caroline Williams ~ from this union were born seven boys and two girls, (one of the sons, John Williams, became the first Superintendent of Allen’s Sunday School Department. His wife, Alice, was the pianist and teacher in the Sunday school also; John Williams was a member of the Trustee Board and the supervisor of the original church. His two daughters, Mrs. Rubye E. Riles a member of the Missionary Society and Usher Board No. 1 and Ms. Violette G. Williams, a teacher and pianist for the Sunday School Department; who was one of the last original members living, died (October 19, 2009). Pauline Childers, whose daughter, Mrs. Carrie Henry, who passed away, served as a Stewardess; Gabriel Williams; Pompey and Carrie Williams, parents of Mrs. Dorothy Tyler and Mrs. Naomi Bridgeforth; Edgar and Georgia Wiggins; Warren Benjamin Mungen, Sr., the father of Mable Mungen and Edith Poole.

We pay tribute to the late Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune (founder of Bethune-Cookman College) who came to this city and opened the doors of the “Little Old Shack” of John H. Williams in 1914. She was a working member of Allen Chapel until 1923, when circumstances forced her to transfer her membership to the Methodist Episcopal Church. She always loved Allen Chapel, and her son,

Albert Bethune, Sr., (deceased) was a former member and several of her grand and great-grand children are active members of Allen Chapel today.

Through the years, so many have come and gone and each has been part of the progress made here. The spirits of our ancestors urge us on to greater works. May the generation to come be as faithful. Allen Chapel’s history now takes a positive and bold turn in the decade of the 1990’s, thus seeing the need to expand the physical property and construct a new edifice. Property was purchased on Cypress Street, for the realization of a “new church.” In October 1993, the “Chapel” was officially deleted from our name reflecting growth and progress. Allen Chapel AME Church members marched from Second Avenue to Cypress Street into a new worship center. The new facility would soon prove to be adequate and expansion efforts would soon be on the horizon. In November 1999 the membership embarked upon another construction project to complete the fellowship hall, educational wing and additional office space for a growing congregation. Under the pastorate of Reverend Charles Graham the church’s name went back to Allen Chapel.


The first church parsonage was located behind the original church.
In 1970 a new parsonage was built on Lincoln Street. Reverend J. W. Burroughs was the first pastor to live in this parsonage.
732 Orange Avenue was given to Allen by the city for $10.00. The property was named Allen Human Service Center. The United Way was the major supporter for the center and the community.
Mrs. Frances Atkins was a long life-member of Allen, after her death Mr. Atkins, her brother, gave the house to Allen to be used as an Outreach Center. (624 Roy Street)
Bethune-Cookman College now known as Bethune-Cookman University purchased the 626 South Second Avenue (Old church & property) in 1993.
415 N. Martin Luther King Boulevard was purchased in April 1996 for $400.00 from Tom Stewart & Leatrice Williams.
448 Pine Street was purchased in April 1996 for $5,000.00 from Jeanette Lampkin.
Property at 621 Roy Street was purchased from Napoleon Fletcher, father of eight (8) children including Betty, Lillian and Marva in August 1999.


The prayers of the righteous availeth much. God Bless us all as we continue in the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the spirit of our founder, Richard Allen.

Mr. Claude Durant
Mrs. Rubye E. Riles
Mrs. Carrie Henry
Mrs. Violette G. Williams
Mrs. Mable Mungen
Mrs. Naomi Bridgeforth
MINISTERS (Deceased)
Rev. J. W. Allen, Organizer
Rev. H. W. Faison
Rev. Frank Jones
Rev. Green
Rev. H. B. Barkley
Rev. I. D. Hinson
Rev. E. J. Jackson
Rev. R. J. Jones
Rev. R. J. Jackson
Rev. S. H. Salvage
Rev. D. A. Anderson
Rev. M. Peter Chapelle
Rev. S. M. Starks
Rev. J. W. Williams
Rev. S. M. Peck
Rev. Charlie Long
Rev. S. A. Cousin
Rev. J. W. Burroughs
Rev. Braswell
Rev. W. A. Jennings
Rev. Y Benjamin Bruce
Rev. S. A. Harris
Rev. Ruben Lamb
Rev. B. H. Martin
Rev. R. W. Logan
Rev. L. M. Moore
Rev. John A. Mainer
Rev. Michael K. Bouie
Rev. Charles E. Graham
Rev. Vincent F. Mitchell

Pastor Nathan M. Mugala, Present